Your quality demands and modern technology make us offer a wide range of sophisticated water technology on a highly creative level.

KFS is your partner when it comes to expressing worldwide competence in a wide variety of projects.

Our installations operate with first-class filter and dosing technology, fitted in separate subsurface chambers or utility rooms.

Completely controlled pH value and disinfection maintain the fountain water in a visually and hygienically unobjectionable condition.

Many fountains are frequently used by children and it is very important to avoid growth of algae and germ formation caused by coliform bacteria.

SPC stored program control and bus systems

Pumps and other installation components are controlled by frequency converters and SPC modules or bus systems in complex systems. It allows various working cycles, variation in illumination and water patterns ensuring smooth operational service without high manpower requirement.

Underwater illumination

We offer a wide range of underwater headlights to illuminate your fountain. To mention only few: headlights incorporated in the floor or adjustable exterior lighting in tombac, high-grade steel, or plastic design, supplemented by coloured glass panels.

The latest and very attractive form of illumination is made possible by optical fibre technology. Light is generated by a central projector and transmitted via fibre optic cable to the emersion point in a lens or a miniature headlight. Interesting light and colour variation can be obtained by additionally installed colour plates in the projector.

High-grade steel components

Our high-grade steel products range covers many fields of our installation systems. If requested we offer tailor-made solutions and system components.